Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Non-surgical skin blemish removal

If you’re embarrassed or unhappy by what you feel are unsightly skin blemishes on your face or body, advanced cosmetic procedures (ACP) is a safe, effective and quick way to remove them.

ACP can easily and effectively treat a wide range of skin blemishes, such as skin tags or thread veins, with minimal skin reaction and post-treatment care. It’s a non-surgical technique using a well-established and proven electrolysis treatment.

ACP treatments are safe and effective and, in many cases, offer immediate results.

What is advanced cosmetic procedures?

ACP is electrolysis. A diathermy current is passed through a very fine needle into the skin. The current produces heat which cauterises the blemish from the skin and causes it to fall away. Once removed, the blemish won’t return.

We use ACP to remove a wide range of skin blemishes, including:

  • Blood spots – bright red, superficial vascular blemishes
  • Dermatosis papulosa nigra – smooth, dome-shaped, brown to black papules
  • Milia (milk spots) – small, white cysts on the skin
  • Seborrhoeic keratosis – small scabby or wart-like lumps on the skin
  • Spider naevus – a central dilated blood vessel with smaller capillaries radiating from it like spider legs
  • Skin tags – soft, skin-coloured growths on the skin
  • Thread veins – permanently dilated capillaries
  • Warts – small lumps on the skin

Pre-treatment consultation

During a pre-treatment consultation, we’ll assess the blemish and advise on the frequency and number of treatments. The length and number of treatments will vary depending on your skin response and the treatment area. We’ll also explain how the procedure works and provide aftercare advice.

You may feel slight discomfort during ACP. However, many of our clients describe it as a tolerable warm stinging sensation. The length of the treatment will depend on the area we’re treating but will likely take up to 30 minutes.

After treatment, your skin will be a little red and puffy, but this will settle down in a few hours. You may also have some small healing scabs that you must allow to fall off naturally.

advanced cosmetic procedures prices

Skin Tags (30mins)
from £85
Thread Veins (30mins)
from £85
from £50


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